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So its 2011!

I haven’t blogged for a while, its been to cold in the conservatory to do my painting and I’ve been busy with life, work and kids.
I thought it was about time i did something, so I bought myself a Wii and a Wii fit board and have managed to lose 5lb in 3 weeks, yeah yeah very good but also a bit boring. I have that urge again to do something constructive, nothing quite matches up to getting a bit more knowledge. So I have enrolled in a course on astronomy.
After finishing my first course on fossils and the history of life , I was on a high with a score of 88% I felt like I have never felt before. After leaving school with, I have to admit, crappy results I found that I am pretty good at studying after all, all that was needed was an interest and some enthusiasm. I absolutely loved the course and it gave me the confidence to do more. So a few months later I signed up for a Darwin and evolution course.
This course was great also but It didn’t grab me quite as much as the first, Maybe it was the fact my interest in fossils outweighed that of the subject matter in the Darwin course, although I am an avid fan of Darwin and evolution, the course didn’t quite do it for me. I finished the course in 6 months and gained the pass I’d hoped for.
So now on to the third,Introducing Astronomy. I have always had an interest in astronomy and hopefully this course will help me to understand it a little better, my knowledge of it is fuzzy. It seems to be a massive subject and I hope this course will help me put together the dribs and drabs that I know already and add to it also.
I am hoping to do three more courses after this one, Understanding the Universe, Understanding the Weather and Human Genetics. All 6 courses will result in an Open University certificate in contemporary science.
Wish me luck!!!


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