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Space Art book “The Beauty of Space

The Beauty of space

Quoted from the Website….

“The IAAA is the only organization in the entire world dedicated to creating and promoting the genre of Space Art. Though Space Art has been around for just over a hundred years, there has never been a book that tells the story of the history of Space Art, how it came to be, how it has grown to be perhaps the most influential genre of art ever.

Now there is. The IAAA has written a comprehensive history of Space Art that covers every detail of the movement, from the first works of art that began depicting the objects in the sky to the streams of digital data coming back from space probes in orbit around planets in our solar system. Every facet of Space Art is thoroughly described and displayed, from hardware to cosmic expressionism, from digital art to sculpture, from Earth to the most distant objects in deep space.

Titled “The Beauty of Space”, the book is 10×8 in size with over 200 full color images in 180 pages in 11 chapters written by the members of the IAAA. The Foreword of the book was written by Apollo 12 Astronaut – and the only artist to ever walk on the surface of another world – Alan Bean.

Your donation will help defray the costs of printing and distributing the book. Hopefully, with enough sales, The Beauty of Space will be distributed widely to various venues such as museum and planetarium gift stores nation and world wide.”


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