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Scientific American!!!

A couple of weeks ago my painting Flame Nebula appeared on The Scientific American art blog Symbiartic, which I was thrilled about! Today again I appeared on Symbiartic alongside Jon Lomberg and Katy Chalmers for an interview about space art and blogging. Glendon Mellow AKA The flying Trilobite who runs Symbiartic with Kalliopi Monoyios, both science artists, interviewed us about why there seems to be less space art bloggers out there compared to artists blogging about Paleontology, which seems to be booming within the science art blogosphere. The article is very interesting.
I was pointed out by a fellow member of the IAAA that many of the members there blog about their space art. There are roughly 150 members of the IAAA and only 14 have a blog. This alone says maybe blogging is not a space artists cup of tea?

I’ll let you have a read and a ponder! And do comment if you are a space artist! Or if you have an idea as to why this style of science art has not yet entered the blogosphere!

Alone in the blogiverse: where are all the space-art bloggers?


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