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RIP Christopher Hitchens 1949-2011

I’m not good with words, which is one of the reasons I had so much respect for ‘The Hitch’, so I’ll keep this short.
Yesterday Christopher Hitchens, one of my Heros, died after suffering with oesophageal cancer he died from pneumonia.
The impact has been so saddning. I have never encountered so many people, grown men included, write how upset they are, how they had had to stop what they are doing to let the tears they had been holding back flow. My facebook homepage had a constant flow of heartfelt obituaries, articles and youtube videos. He was a legend. I dont have to explain who he is here, because if you know who he is you’ll know why I felt the need to put this on my blog. If you didn’t, look him up, read about him, understand his views, read his books and listen to his reasoning because if there was one person in this confusing world who had it all worked out and could express himself like no other it was him. His eloquence and charisma was second to none and I had the utmost respect for him. Goodnight Mr Hitchens, may your atoms be recycled back to the stardust they originated from as you were a shining star, an original hero. RIP.

Atheism, and the related conviction that we have just one life to live, is the only sure way to regard all our fellow creatures as brothers and sisters -Christopher Hitchens


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