Lucy Jain's Personal Blog

Made of Stars (Moss Piglets in Space)

I started this abstract painting (which is on a large square box canvas in acrylics) a long time ago and knew it needed a little something extra doing to it but wasnt sure what a few tweaks and I was happy.  It represents the fact that everything organic starts out in space, in stars. Every part of us and every living (and non living) thing started out when a star exploded. As the great Carl Sagan said “We are all made of star stuff”. My painting shows stars, dust clouds, the double helix and I have added an organic element which is represented by the purple region of the painting. The purple area can be whatever you see in it, someone saw an elephant for instance but I liked that someone saw what I visualised whilst painting it and that was something of microbial size, something like a Tardigrade (also called a Moss Piglet!). I thought this quite fitting as it can survive extreme conditions Maybe not deep space, but once again it’s very elements started out in an exploded star which brings it full circle to the reasoning behind my painting ( I also love the name Moss Piglets!!). So my painting that wasnt quite finished got a name I feel very fitting. Thanks to 2 friends who helped me decide on the name!


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